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Welcome to Running Ventures

Running Ventures was formally established by Barb Leininger in June, 2000. A life long runner who began racing in 1977, Barb decided to devote full time to the many facets of her running world.

Today Running Ventures offers:

We do our best to ensure that runners enjoy a quality experience. This philosophy carries through all that we do - whether it is putting on a race you will want to come back to or working with race sponsors to ensure their runners enjoy a quality event. We also believe running and racing should be fun. That is what keeps us running and we hope our services help keep your running fun too.

Running Ventures is also dedicated to providing opportunities to youth to participate in track and running activities. The Minneapolis Park Board Youth Track Program is a low key, excellent opportunity for youth to get an introduction to running and track. Running Ventures sponsors the Kenwood Park Youth Track Team and has provided volunteer coaching to the team for several years.

Volunteer and See a Race from a New Perspective

Running Ventures encourages everyone in the running community to volunteer for at least one event per year. Races do not just happen - they take a lot of work both before hand and on race day. Whether you are a race organizer, a runner, or both, you will gain a whole new perspective.

If you are a race organizer, you owe it to other events to volunteer as pay back for all of those who helped you. You will most likely get some good ideas about how to do things or even how not to do things. If you are a runner, you may learn what it's like to be the one holding the water cup instead of the one grabbing it. Your skill on both sides will improve and you will appreciate the ones holding the water cup even more in your next race. If you are assigned to packet pick-up and involved in distribution of the shirts, I can guarantee that you will never complain about what size you get again.

The best reason of all to volunteer is that it is a lot of fun. You will make new friends and enjoy a day at the races without ever having to run a step. Sometimes that is just what the mind and body need. You can contact any race director with an offer to volunteer. Find one that fits your schedule and thanks!

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